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 Name: Boron contained calcium ammonium nitrate
Boron contained calcium ammonium nitrate
Product features: 1. Agricultural calcium ammonium nitrate has advantages such as water soluble, good instant capacity, high calcium content, etc. 2. Nitrate nitrogen can be absorbed by crops directly, high utilization rate. 3. Real disease-resistant fertilizer, it can be used in the prevention and treatment of physiological diseases caused by calcium deficiency. 4. Boron can accelerate the carbohydrate translocation of crops, strengthen photosynthesis, it is effective to fruit trees and vegetables. 5. It can improve soil, keep acid-base equilibrium of soil. It can be widely used in field crops, vegetables, fruits and flowers. Notes: 1. Caking will not affect the fertilizer efficiency. 2. The remaining products shall be tightly sealed. Technical index Item Unit Standard Nitrogen %, ≥ 15.5 Nitrate nitrogen %, ≥ 14.5 Ammoniacal nitrogen %, ≥ 1 Calcium oxide %, ≥ 25 Water-soluble calcium %, ≥ 18 Boron %, ≥ 0.3 Appearance Yellow round granular